Instagram drama between Toke Makinwa, Mecran Cosmetics and Dencia’s Whitenicious

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We told you a few days ago that Toke Makinwa had bagged an endorsement deal with Mecran Cosmetics, who made the multimedia personality the face of their recently launched their Skin-Lightening Beauty Set.

However a few days after her deal was announced, Toke and Mecran Cosmetics have been called out by Dencia’s Whitenicious Cosmetics for fraud, saying that Mecran has been using Whitenicious’s Before & after pictures to promote the Skin Lightening Beauty Set.

It has come to our notice that @tokemakinwa‘s company known as@mecrancosmetics is stealing images of Whitenicious success stories and results to post on their Instagram account and also send these images to their customers via text, what’s app and other SM platforms.This is a PSA, please refrain from using any material and falsifying and erasing our water mark, we aren’t connected to any of these fake brands and we will be suing you and your company if you keep stealing our images and lying about it being yours,we own the rights to all our images as this are from Whitenicious customers.If your products don’t work please don’t lie to customers just find a way to make better products.I understand your skin was lightened before you started selling these meaning you have never used it to lighten your skin so you need to steal images just don’t steal them from Whitenicious, btw Mercran isn’t made in the USA as they claim,the FDA doesn’t allow products to say “whitening lotion” you can’t label products whitening because you can’t whiten.Thanks for the tip @rarohlee .Management.#Whitenicious #PSA #fakecosmetics#Fakeimages #stolenimages#yourinstagramaliar #toke #nigeria#skincare
To be fair Toke doesn’t handle Mecran’s IG account so she cannot be held responsible for what they publish, but she is being dragged into this by Whitenicious because she is the face of the skin lightening range.

Mecran has since tendered an apology but Dencia is not taking it



  1. I support Dencia on this,this is an intellectual theft,and she can sue.which 'bleaching' cream was Toke using before now.

  2. Mtcheew what is wrong with this dencia girl sef haven't they apologised

  3. Mtcheeeeew this whitenicious sef they don't have sense...

  4. Really? Drama plenty 2 be Unfold ooo

  5. Silly idiots arguing over a product of no value, esteem and based on falsified, disgustingly ridiculous idea of what they believe beauty is....arguing over bleaching cream. Just sit down and think about this mega stupidity....bleaching cream. The world is mad

  6. So the White woman at the top, is accusing the almost White woman at the bottom of stealing?
    Since it is two white people fighting,no trouble.

  7. lets be still more specific when dealing on issuers like this okay guys

  8. Una weldone o *side eye* Happy Fighting!

  9. Its 2016 IG drama again! yayyyyyyy. let them keep fooling themselves there!


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