Bitter wife exposes randy husband & his many side chicks

A Nigerian woman who has been married to a randy man for over 10 years now has exposed him and his side chicks. She is bitter and has carried out the act because one of the side chicks went as far as threatening her.  Worse still is the fact that she has now been infected with STDs. She is thinking of poisoning him or other means to hurt him. Below are some screenshots of messages between her husband and the side chicks as sent to MPN.

Some messages between her husband and different ladies..


  1. Lyk seriously..... Side chick's.... Yuk

  2. Hi guys, please help me win this competition by opening the link below. Please read, make comments and please share this story on your Facebook timelines by clicking on the Facebook button in the link. Thanks alot

  3. Many men are into side chick especially in Abuja where they lure many lady into relationship. This woman should just take it easy and forgive the man for the sake of her children.

  4. mtchew** So what do we do with these now? She didn't even catch him in bed with the side chicks. He didn't even deny that he has a wife. The baes know he he got wife. Madam never chim chum. She can file for divorce and she will know this one is still a learner.

  5. Rubbish can't u settle it with your husband?

  6. Sorry madam , hope your 'horseband' change his way and stay faithful to you and himself. Forgive him though it's a bitter pill to swallow but for the sake to your own health and the kids do since you already knew his randy di*k will wander around . some that know this chicks can still recognise them. God will strengthen during this trying time.


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