Ubi Franklin is 30 today...read the beautiful message he wrote to mark it (photos)

Lilian Esoro's husband, Ubi Franklin is 30 years old today and he has shared some beautiful messages to mark it. Read below:


  1. Wow lovely birthday message, happy birthday to him.

  2. Honey pointer is the one going Annonymous to cause out people. Yes admitt it and you are the one calling out sdk fm because you want them to quarrel again. Jumping from blog to blog

    1. God will punish d so call person dat use my name 2 call out honey pointer . It will never be well with such person in Jesus name,. I have said it and so shall it be in Jesus name. Pls am not game for did basted game u are playing ooooo.. Ha 2016 will be d worst year for the person in Jesus name

  3. HBD bros...... It's a pity you lost your brother

  4. Happy birthday Ubi. You are such an honourable, humble and kind man. God bless ur home. Amen

    Anon, I can see another has been invented again. For your info, I have a 1year GLO data plan running paid for already. I haven't been without data. I had a very busy day at work n most times do my comments at night after my quiet time whenever I have lots of work load.

    Moreover, I have marital responsibilities to attend at the end of each working day including the bedroom stuffs.

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    Who want masterbate under my comment?

  5. Deborah, u are a disgrace to that name. U want who to have a view of your disgusted pix? I wasn't wrong after all. You are haggered bitch who lack self love. Nightmare #2daysMore

  6. Nice write up...happy birthday to him

  7. It's like you are now relaxing on your hoax,before up load comments almost immediately,but now because it takes you so long a time to upload comments and bring stale news,you had better be on your feet,there are many blogs out ther you know,#honestopinion.

  8. Very touching and emotional words from Ubi Franklin. Happy belated birthday.

  9. Miss world I am not here for some cheap popularity do better mind your business or I will drag you into this mess. if I want to get popular I will go to linda ikeji blog or sdk blog. Sdk fm do you have a name? If yes what is the name? You are using sdk fm on kemi blog y not carry the sdk fm to sdk blog let's see if you will get recognized there!

  10. It seems Kemi is very busy today.

  11. Snappy birthday and also happy married life.

  12. Enter your comment... Happy birthday

  13. Wow thought he was older than that Hbd to him


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