That moment when a wife disrupted the 'secret wedding" ceremony of her husband

 Chin and his wife, Ngozi Madukaife-Akano, Sept 2015 
A Nigerian born UK based doctor, Dr Chin Akano, recently came to Nkwerre  Imo state, Nigeria to get married, but unfortunately for him, his wife of over 19 years,Ngozi Madukaife-Akano, a UK trained Nurse, disrupted the marriage ceremony!

Picture of Chin on his traditional marriage to the new wife.
 He posted this on his Facebook
wall and people are congratulating him.

According to eye witnesses who witnessed the fight, the new bride and her sisters attacked Ngozi Madukaife-Akano (the new bride) and tore her clothes to shreds. The shocked husband just sat down in one corner and observed the whole drama playing out before him. 
It took the intervention of some elders to calm down the first wife and lead her out.

New Wife....

Chin and his wife of over 20 years with the kids 

''Let me sound a note of warning to you woman of easy virtue.You have the guts to take photos in my home n post on social media.You defiled my home the temple of God in December Now you're planning to marry my husband on the 11th of February at Nkwerre.

You want to secretly break a home of 20yrs with 2 innocent children? Let me tell you now that we are on your case,it's not going to be a walk in the park for the day you stepped in to my home is the day your misfortune started.We are waiting for you and I hope you are ready?after this time you will not try to break another family.

You have seen a nice house and ready made man so you want to jump in not knowing how we toiled.The God of my two innocents sons is already heaping coals of fire and brimstone upon your head.you want to try me a child of God but you have hit rock bottom because the chastisement of my peace is upon him.Wait for it!Step in to my home again and you will see that Jehova Jireh still works wonders.

Why didn't you Marry the father of your daughter?baby mama? You're trying to get pregnant for my husband, you will end up a baby mama for 10 men I assure you that you're a thief,everyday is for the thief and one day is for the owner.Feb 11th we are waiting for you let your feet step once more in to my home''! the first wife wrote this message to the new wife just before the wedding.

SDK reports that the wife has now travelled back to the UK with her husband, while the new bride has parked into the couple's mansion at Nkwerre in Imo state.


  1. Sdk and her gists,that woman is the real deal!

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  2. Nawao why are men not satisfied with one woman these days

  3. Kemi kemi..... Hahahaha na WA for you... Kukunma turn the blog to sdk blog na... Lmao

  4. Kemi,I hope you know sdk already pulled down this post,I suggest you follow suit.

    1. Is it true that the guy in question paid SDK to pull down the story? Kemi please don't be like Stella. Stand with this story because everyone knows it is a true story. My sister was at the ceremony in Nkwerre and she gisted me of how the doctor's white outfit was painted with dirty sand by his wife. She kept telling him "So Chin, you came to Nigeria to take another wife, why do you want to disgrace our family like this? What will you tell our children? Chin you are wicked then she packed the muddy sand on the ground with all the rubbish and poured them on her husband. Thank you Kemi for publishing this true story. SDK has lost it. Mum like her schheeew

  5. *Jaw dropping* Oga o, some people are heartless o!

  6. Sdk sitdown 4 obodo oyinbo and dey know all d whole gist 4 naija

  7. The woman should go and settle with her husband. Msheeeewww.

  8. Kemi, you love love stories and break up stories as well!

  9. I understand Kemi, to show d love in loving and to show things that break love stories. Then d reader chooses d type he or she wants. Good to learn from others

  10. This woman should take plenty cold water and let the new wife be, i understand she and the man have gone their separate ways. The man is free to remarry. All these our Nigerian ladies abroad take advantage the system they to intimidate their hubbies. Mshweeeeee, for the new wife congrats and enjoy your marriage. thank God you are matured and can handle the situation. (u are beautiful too) so she no fit yab u.

    for old wify you time with the man has expired, u already leave apart, weda the girl don born before no concern u again face ur own mata...

    1. The first wife is actually still very married to the man. Perhaps you are one of those believing in the many lies of Chin. The first wife looks really calm and beautiful. She has built that home and they do not live apart, neither did that marriage end at any point in time. This was just the lies the man told people. Please check your facts before you come to the public domain to spew trash.
      Are you not aware that the man still live with his wife and it was from same home they slept and woke up before he embarked on this journey to marry the baby mama. Make unable fear God oh! The lies are too much.


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