Happy Valentines' day to all + Dear SDK FM, congratulations!


Dear Kfbers, happy valentines' day!

Miss World dear, Bolty sweets, OG Write mi, Honey pointer mi owon, Francisca Samuel boo, SDK FM, Pretty Diamond dearie, Tweet Berry, Blessing Saint, Dialogue Omoyeni, Yori Onas, Joy Monica Arsenal, Mocherry, Rukayat Jimoh, Boladale, Adanna Francis, Okoduwa Deborah, Adewuyifolake, Wumy and all our anonymous commenters, and readers, I love you all, God bless you for me.

I would totally love to give you a call, please send me your phone numbers (via email).

For those of you in a happy relationship/married, happy loving, have fun and for those that are still single, searching, or heartbroken, don't feel left out in today's celebration, God loves you!

The love he has for you is greater than that of any man or woman!

What are your plans for today, let's have fun in the comment section :)

Meanwhile dear SDK FM, you were the winner of our last February giveaway...please send in your account number to get your five thousand naira. Congrats dear!

Another winner or winners will be announced later this month based on our discretion!


  1. SDK FM,now you can rest,your hustle don pay!going annon to cause drama because of 5k!

  2. Good morning to y'all! + Happy Valentine *shines teeth* + Happy Sunday *wink. Have a fulfilled week ahead, God bless y'all!

  3. Congratulations to the winner
    Happy valentine day to kemi and kfbers...

  4. My plan for today many sha....
    First of all I will go and eat my new favorite food... Which is amala and awedu..
    And then later in the evening my boo Is taking me out to somewhere he don't want to tell me about... Super excited!
    Am still on bed laziness wan finish me...

    1. Aww, I really hope the boo is OG Write :)

  5. Hipeeee!!! SDK FM it u and no 1 else.congrats dear. Happy val 2 every1. Kemi na cake and gitf I want from u o... Lmao.... Kisses 2 every good hearted person in the house. 1 love

  6. Kemi I need dat chocolate please send via DHL

  7. Wow, it's been a while since I went through your blog. Lovely design

  8. U cropped Eniola badmus Val pic to make dis foto. I know o

  9. Thank you Kemi. Thank you my fellow blog readers. Thank you my haters(though none), thank you my amiable anon. Hope your day brings just what you wanted.

    So as we give our Valentines,
    Let's thank our Lord and King.
    The reason we have love to give
    is that He gave us everything.

    About Valentine, I am spending it with the orphanage. I did my shopping for them last night and I and my spouse will be there to share love with them. We are believing God for a testimony I hope I will share here soon. This money came at the right time. I am going to sow it into a child's life believing God that our prayers for good be answered. Kemi, the Lord of host will water your seed. God bless you. As the child will smile, so will your sweats turn to laughter.

    Shout out to my TweetBerry, Franscisca, OGWrite, Blessing Saint, MissWorld, Honey Pointer, Deborah, Anon, Dialogue,Pretty Diamond and host of others.

    Happy Valentine my favorite people. I’m grateful for you Kemi.

    1. @SDK FM, Congratulations! @Kemisola Filani, thanks a bunch. Happy Val to y'all! Enjoy your day everybody. A maa see saw, odabo.

    2. Ur testimony is very close to u. Happy valentine day dearies thank u kemi. May God protect everyone on this blog amen. I love you, you, and you. Kisses from me.

    3. God bless you SDK FM for your kind heart. You can send in photos from the visit to the orphanage home

  10. Sdkfm aka Kingsley onuwuli. If you like after collecting the money runaway

    1. Which one concern u? Is tht y u tell us his full name. Sheer jealousy

  11. Happy valentines day kemi and fellow kfbs ,I love you all. Spending my own valentines day @ home cos am single. Ya all should enjoy your selves today. Make una no dull ooo.

  12. spending my Val with mine,and it's just fun all the way,@miss world,how are you doing,hope you all are having a nice day,spread the love.

  13. At Anon 10:28pm and Deborah may your bitter souls receive some love today. U still drop hate comments on a day love is being celebrated?

    O yeas, my hustle has paid off. I begged for that lovely child on the street who have no love, I begged for the children who has no cloths to put on n shoe to wear. Love is not about self, material things but I believe if I can afford to put smile on this faces then I am the richest because that is the essence love is celebrated today.

    Go to my page that's what I live for and by the grace of God, I head an NGO. Use your tongues to bless someone today. May the spirit of love rest upon you too. God bless you.

  14. Happy Val to everybody in the house. Congrats to SDK.

  15. Aww...so nice of u...God bless u real Good

  16. Wooooooahhhhh i saw this very late Kemi! but we loveeeeee you tooooo, God bless you dearie..... Addy


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