An imperfect valentine wedding: Bride walks down the aisle in native attire after white dress got stained (photos)

This is so unique!

Fine couple, Caroline & Oluwatobi got married on Sunday, the 14th of February, 2016 (Valentine’s Day). Caroline & Tobi in traditional attire exchanged their marital vows; Caroline also wore a veil with her traditional attire.


In summary, one of the videographers [not a photographer as reported on an Instagram post] in a bid to get a good angle of the bride’s gown mistakenly [genuine mistake] hung Caroline’s gown on an emergency sprinkler on the ceiling. Long story short, everywhere was flooded in brown and dirty water and literally 5 minutes before Caroline was due to wear the dress she had protected for months, her white wedding gown was no longer white; it was ruined.
As you can imagine, Caroline ‘cried, wept and almost passed out’ when her mum broke the news to her screaming “Caroline, your dress is gone”. Her husband – Oluwatobi along with her friends tried to console her. Her mum and  husband immediately took her to a corner and said “you have to be strong”. Caroline’s mum reminded her that the devil was around trying to claim victory and instead of crying, they should think of a way to move forward.

Caroline had to walk down the aisle with her husband in the Iro and buba/agbada they had planned to change into (talk about unconventional). During the wedding blessing, her husband whispered to Caroline saying her dress had been fixed – the hotel had quickly called their dry cleaners to make her dress white again after it had sewage water all over it from a burst emergency sprinkler… Long story short, Caroline ended up in her dress for the reception!
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Caroline is definitely the bravest bride we’ve ever met; she described this as ‘God’s will’. We strongly believe that there’s a lesson to be learnt from this. Although the dress, accessories, decor, food, venue, etc are all nice things to have, what’s really important on your wedding day is you and your spouse and no one and nothing should stand in the way of your big day.


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    1. She is strong !. I don't know how I will react to a thing like this . . . . .. . . . .

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  2. Ehya,I feel like hugging her right now.

  3. Nice pictures + lovely outfits! Happy Married Life to the couple.

  4. Beautiful couple. She's a strong bride

  5. She look good in the traditional cloth, everything happen for a purpose. Congratulations to them.

  6. Kemi filani will not kill me with love stories *wipe_tears away* so cute and lovely couples #Gracia

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