A True Love Story: 3 years of studying together, long distance relationship, & a union that spanned 8 years - Ronke and Tolu

Hug Harder, Laugh Louder, Smile Bigger, Love Longer.
You are about to read one of the most beautiful love stories ever!

Oyeronke Adegboye and Tolu Balogun's beautiful love story shows us that Love is not a easy process. This story defines a true love and we can only pray that God continues to bless their unity! 

It wasn't exactly love at first sight. However, after 8years; its now love at every sight.
The groom-to-be, Tolu narates it thus:

I met this young girl through a friend of hers back in Babcock University. We became plain friends without strings attached. But as you would expect; we began to attend school functions as well as study together on campus... and students' began assume us as couples. Yes, they were right, we got closer and our friendship officially became a relationship. 
Some of The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They can only be felt with the Heart ❤

We were well known on campus. After 3 years of studying together on campus, I graduated while she remained for her final year and distance became a part of our relationship. As with other university relationship; many people expected distance to break us but surprisingly; ours was different as distance brought us closer. 

You & Me.... That's all I ever Wanted..

But you know I love you right? 👆👆👆...Me, I love you more jor
Your strong and welcoming arms is my favorite place to be.

I just want you to know that I love you today, tomorrow and forever!
We invested so much in communication, talking almost every day via phone. As if this was not enough, we separated further as one of us had to go abroad for study. This was more challenging because regular contact became an issue due to high international call tariffs. Meanwhile, beyond communication challenges, while we were apart; she received more toasters who advised her to leave her man and not wait for a man whom she had no idea of his doings abroad. 

Thank you for always making me feel like a Princess, for being my best friend and for being the best man a woman could ever wish to have by her side.

Your arms have held me at my weakest, your eyes have seen me at my worst, and your heart has loved me through the darkest of times. I'm so thankful for you and the love we share

The best feeling is when you look at him.........................and he's already staring.
She refused to heed to such advice. What a wise lady ! One thing (GOD's Grace) was sure to have kept us together among others such as self discipline; determination to make our relationship work; communication, and friendship. 
Becoming Mr and Mrs Balogun

I have seen her in various shades over the last 8 years and have realized that, of course she isn't perfect and neither am I. 

“They say that men are quite predictable, but I beg to differ. You always know how to surprise me and sweep me off my feet!

When I think of you, an uncontrollable smile crosses my lips because I'm so lucky to have a kind, smart and handsome man.?

You are my sailor, my ship and my captain and your love is like a strong, dark, mysterious sea that is forever there for me. I'm happiest when I am with you

We have shared lots of wonderful moments that confirmed our genuine love. To this end, we have decided after 8 years to say "I DO" and live happily after. To GOD be the glory.

Their wedding comes up this weekend!

You make me laugh when I want to cry,
Make me live when I want to die,
Make me smile when I want to frown,
You’re my now, my is, my was.

I need you more than you can believe,
Love you more than you can conceive.
Think about you every night and day
And hope my life can stay this way
I don't want it to be any other way.

When I'm with you time flies by fast.
It's like the present is the past.
At first I thought we would just be friends.
A little did we know, our friendship would bend
To a love that’s so big for the world to see
that you and me are meant to be.

I love you more then I thought I ever could.
I promise to give you all I have to give,
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live.

A couple that pouts together, stays together

In your eyes I see our present, future, and past,
by the way you look at me I know we will last..

Hearing you say my name, touch my face, stroke my hair.
Being without this forever I can not bare!

The way you hold me, oh, so tight,
You make everything seem just right.

Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more.

Beside every great man is an amazing woman

I just know that I truly love you for sure, ... My days are perfect because of you,

I just love you so much, my most wonderful girl

One heart, one boy, one soul...we are one!

There is no place I would rather be, than in your arms
Togther, forever and a day more :)

KFB wishes Tolu and Ronke a happy marital life! 


  1. The girl is very fine but the guy is just there, not my taste or type. All d best to dem shaa

    1. Your type or taste??ok be waiting for your taste you hear?Wa pe ni ile bi obo..mtcheww

    2. You r just a mumu. Whether he is your taste or not, Ronke loves him like that so you can like to go and die or hang yourself if it is paining you.

    3. It is always even better for a woman to marry somebody that she is finer than, that way no other woman would be able to snatch him from her. Instead he is the one that would be worrying over her not been snatched by another man

    4. Happy 4 them. May God continue 2 be among u two ijn

    5. I swear u all need glasses. The guy is way finer than the girl, she has finished bleaching away her beauty

  2. Interesting story but kemi filani you were supposed to publish this on Monday not Tuesday????????????

    1. Kemi Don dey do anyhow now. I tire. Last week too she didn't bring the movie review for Friday smh

  3. Quite interesting love story,nice pictures.

  4. Y d girl get two different body colours, dere's no use bleaching, she should maintain her colour.

  5. Been following these two right from Babcock. I am happy they eventually ended up together. Cute couple. Is the wedding in lag or abuja

  6. Oh my gawd.... Beautiful pictures...

  7. Congrats Tolu and Ronke u both deserve each other

  8. Lovley couple.lol@ a couple Tht pouts together

  9. Wow. 8 years. I am not a fan of long relationships not to mention the long distance thingy, mehn we go for don scatter am since. It is best to do whatever you want to do in a year or two and marry and go.

  10. Wow am in love already loving their pics, boo where are u now?

  11. kemi ku ise, nice captions.

  12. Nice pix.May ur love cotinue 2 wax strong. All d best

  13. Aww, A couple that pouts together, stays together hehehehe Lovely pictures! Congratulations to them! May their love wax stronger, amen.


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