That moment when Nigerians attacked Chris Brown over Goodluck Jonathan's meme

Yea, so something funny happened on Chris Brown's facebook page hours ago!

He shared this popular meme of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and interestingly Nigerians slammed him! See snapshots of what Nigerians said below:



  1. lol... They were only making him popular

  2. Lol, I love my people they are always representing

  3. But if you ask me I don't see anything wrong with that...

  4. This is so funny,I don't blame Chris though.

  5. Miss world local ogbanje street ash*w*o derailed mentality cheap slut.
    So I dared u and u claimed bussy but was making comments on other blogs forming rehearsals.
    You went back to yesterday's mail n start commenting.What does that make u? Fool poverty derailed old woman forming girly.
    You are yet to prove that u were not to robot posting anonymous of receiving alert.
    I can see hustle no pay last night. Blog to blog cheap Hustler. Models don't live on blog. You are annoying. Get a life.
    Na Kemi blog u want take gain popularity. mtschew

    Hate ur cheap guts. See as u dey rush comments

  6. Hahaha Anon! miss world been commenting double on some posts thinking Kemi will follow Tweet Berry's criteria.

    I was equally waiting for deposit slip/alert n transfer evident.
    Make she go siddon my dear.
    She de find cute guy to biwitch with their Benin juju.
    Moshe free

  7. Chris Brown looked for trouble *side eye*

  8. I trust Niger they will attack him back but come to thunk of it is Chris high.

  9. Sdk fm from Every angle I have been following this miss world and Annonymous issues and it is now clear to me that it's you that is going anonymous to cause her out. I don't know what you gain by doing that but Sdk fm you are so foolish,because yesterday one Annonymous called you out that you sent her to insult miss world.
    Miss world I don't know why you are wasting your time replying some one who is not worth your time

  10. There is nothing wrong in what he did


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