"My best friends are trying to kill me" Nigerian Lady living in UK cries out (Photos)


Peculiar woman and family

Er, there are friends, and there are fre-enemies. A certain instagram user, Peculiar woman who is hapily married with two kids has called out three of her friends...she says they are trying to kill her. Read her stories below:



  1. Ewooooo, so many drama these days , why carry your diabolica act from naija to uk shuoo

    1. See d English that babe wrote. And she wants to kill someone abi fight dirty online. Yet u can't construct simple English and u live in the UK? These are the kind of babes that should be deported, they are bad ambassadors. Stealing upandan and disgracing yourselves! I beg madame it's good as uv let the cat outta the bag.. watch them run for cover. U won't die IJN

    2. They have got too much time on their hands. If they were busy ladies, they would not have time to engage in all this bullshit....

  2. Hmmmmmm mmmmm..... Na WA o... Like toke said women are each other enemy...

  3. Too tinny, can't stress my eyes. But make them no kill am ooo

  4. No comment.

    Let me wait for some people that does this for a daily living as long as u are a cute guy, u can contact me for a referral

  5. I pray d wicked hand shall nt get her or any member of her family. To do in foreign land, d wickedness they do in naija. So serious

  6. Frenimies everywhere,this world is complicated.

  7. So they carry their wickedness reach there...hmmmmm

  8. If her English is not correct then help to construct it.You and your family are covered with the blood of Jesus. Any weapon fashioned against you shall not be prosper.


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