Man assaults wife because she greeted her pastor (photo)

A facebook user, Tolu Meduna has just shared these photos. According to her, Mrs Comfort Oluwaseun Adebowale was brutally beaten by her husband Olorode Abimbola Gbenga for exchanging pleasantries with her pastor. Smh!


  1. The man is an animal for doing such a thing... He is so worthless...

  2. Maybe d so call pator is sleeping wit her or what can cause dis. Let me not believe the story 4 now. Make read comment 1st

  3. Miss world dont yet judge oooo....nobody know how she greeted the Pastor that got the man annoyed...
    Some women respect Pastor more than their husband.

    1. Truly some women respect pastors more than their husband. But the same pastor will tell u 2 respect and love ur husband even as christ love the church. All I can say is that a sane man can't beat his wife like dis just Bcos she greeted the pastor.

  4. Ordinary greetings? *raised eyebrow* there is more to this story I beggi. Something is fishy IF NOT, the man is high on I*bo (weed)

  5. Some husband are touts, how could you beat your wife because she greeted a pastor.

  6. D man is a wife beater in his life. It doesn't matter whether his wife greets a pastor or not.If he is not,he would have just told d woman to pack frm his house. That he couldn't stand her. If a mistake had occurred and d woman collapsed in the proces what would he have said. Or if another man beats his own married daughter on any excuse,what will he say. Idont think d man has any love for his closest female beings.
    Kfb , Compliments. 2016 for u.

  7. One word: ANIMAL.
    Yet he will be flucklicking with other women

  8. He did not assault her for greeting anybody..he assaulted her because he has an evil spirit of anger, rage, lack of self control .

  9. There is more to this story,I can't imagine how a sane man would beat his wife just Because she greeted a pastor,who does that?!


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