#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! Everyone thought I would never be successful in life

Kemi, happy new  year. Kindly help publish my testimony with your readers.
My friend invited me to church and there and then my life was laid bare before me. The power of God swept over me that l could not but give my life to Christ.
Before then,I experienced a load of hardship. My sister died and my family abandoned me because they thought l would never be successful.

I joined in all the activities of the church. One day, l attended one of the anointing services,yet it seemed l was empty.
I felt l was wasting my time. Nothing was happening.
However, the Holy Spirit asked me to ask anything l wanted.
Did l hear Him well? I initially  took the voice to be a thought in my mind.
So l just said the little prayer that l wanted God to turn my life to a testimony.
Just like that!
I kept on with my church things as l received new strength to continue.
And God did it.
Within a few years later, l was blessed with a house and a good job.
What humbles me even till date is that my family look up to me-Me that had been looked down upon. That I had been abused and used .
I give God all the glory and all the praise.

You can send in your testimonies too to kemisolafilani@gmail.com


  1. Dis our Lord, na 1daful papa he be to us. when God shall turn our captivity will be be like them that dream. Laughter will fill our mouth. psalm 126 vs 1n2

  2. Every disappointment is a blessing

  3. Wow, to God be the glory. I tap from this testimony oh lord put testimony in my mouth. Turn everything around for good for me. Enough is enough I want to give testimony too(amen)

  4. To God be the glory! Awesome God!

  5. I tap into ur testimony,hallelujah

  6. Wow.... Am so happy for you.... If you believe in God he will never disappoint you...

  7. There is always a blessing and testimony for everybody,God is good at all times

  8. Keep serving Him faithfuly & u shal be blessed more than your curent level. More grace!


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