#KFB Only God Could Have Done This! I was kidnapped and led to a jungle...

My God is good o
Eh, HE is good o
Well well.
This is a song to appreciate God by one of the Nigerian Gospel musicians.
I can not but sing and dance to this song.

God is indeed good.
Psalm 104:4 reads 'Who makes His angels spirits; His ministers fire'.
God delivered me from the hand of my captors- whether they were ritualists or kidnappers, l was least concerned.
What I know is that God Almighty came to my rescue.
I was seized and led into a jungle.
I knew only God could save me there and then.
I had forgotten about the phone in my pocket.
They left me all alone and were discussing  among themselves when my phone rang.
Initially,fear gripped me. 'Why now?'
But when l heard the ringing tone,it spurred me into some boldness and some level of faith.
I left it to continue ringing.
Who would l have called openly or to receive his or her call in like manner?
If it had not been God, it would have aggravated my problem.
You know my means of escape? God is Almighty.
It was my church General Overseer !
And whenever the phone rings, it is his voice you will hear praying in the Spirit.
What people call speaking in tongues.
My captors also were listening.
The effect of the sound over the atmosphere could not be described.
Only God could walk through it all and set the captive free.
They just told me, 'Come on, come and be going. Gather your things- my shoes and my bag.'
They had not tampered with my bag before then.
Things there were intact.
However, like the Israelites going out of Egypt with more than they had, in the Bible days, l was given some money to aid my moving out of the place.
Is there no God? Who says?
My God oversees everything HE made
And the Lord Jesus became the Way of escape.
He that died and rose up again for me to live.
All glory to HIM

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  1. God is limitless in His doings.
    He is the I am. The impossibility changer. I stand in awe of His works.

    To the Anon who accused me of sending you to call out Miss world, I give u 3days to take back your words or you will know NO peace!

    I took it as a blog joke initially, reason I laughed, ignored and passed thru your comment but now that Deborah has called me again after my warnings, I am on my knees n won't get up until you vindicate me. Yes, its not serious.

    Deborah, I am no subject of confusion but of peace. I ve offered everyone here friendship including MissWorld you assumed is my enemy and you. I do not see why people are hyping the little argument that happened back then. Dramas are allowed, It was fun, it was a blog thing, and long sorted out. We equally argued with TweetBerry n today we are friends. She called me on phone yesterday and she sent her love to everyone that she will be here next week with us as she is believing God for a new phone.

    I think I now see what celebrities go thru. They are not their problems but people like u.

    Deborah, Until then, you will hear from me. You stepped on the wrong toes.

    And to Kemi, I had been googling to find an Annon who said in late 2014 about October or thereabout that you blogged like Stella Dimokokorkus. That was because when I first stubbled on your blog, I felt your passion in blogging just as she does. I got hooked d way u crossed lined some words. I was that Anon. And that's how long I ve been on ur blog. There are thousands of people reading your blog. May they receive the grace to start commenting. Amen

    So Deborah I proof you wrong again that the wind of N5k giveaway blew me here. Yes, I have needs n desires which are proficiency supplied by God thru whatever means He pleases and u are not an exemption

  2. Awesome God! Thank You Lord Jesus!

  3. Thank God for u, this testimony sounds familiar like av heard it in winners chapel

  4. Thank God for your life...
    Madam kemi I will advise that the giveaway be stopped for a while let's see how many fake ass will still be here... Because some Annonymous wan kill me because of 5k o.. Abeg stop the give away .. Let's see how many people will still be here...
    Who supports me??

  5. I heard your mother is a prophetess sdk fm but she can't do me anything. Because of 500 airtime you and tweet berry turned to friends. You are so reached and fake. What do you gain by calling an innocent girl that does not even have your time miss world stop replying them am here for you. Sdk fm no get swag she is calling you under Annonymous or she sent somebody I care don't neither do I care.

  6. This is a very rare testimony,I thank God for your life.

  7. God is good all the time!!!

  8. Good morning my KFB family. Here comes February 2016, every 2nd of this 2nd month. God will go before you in a pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. Exodus 13.21 you will not be stranded. As God answered the gospel artist that is God will answer us.

  9. Miss world u are so predictable,u have no moral right to tell Kemi what to do,since u waited for kemi without any response for the giveaway,u are now coming up with this nonsense talk,abeg shift!

  10. Father we thank u for this testimony, it shall remain permanent


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