Girl rescued after Boyfriend in search of riches kept her in pit for 8 Months (Graphic photos)

Shocking photos have emerged of a young girl in Tanzania who was recently rescued after her boyfriend in search of riches left her in a deep pit for 8 months! 
This was done reportedly by her boyfriend in search for riches, he was feeding her only twice at a week. How cruel!

The evil boy


  1. Oh my gosh... This girl was so cute and curvy back then... Why are some men so heartless... See as she now look like...

  2. Men can be so wicked u did this to your. own gf because of money? Too bad. Please my attention has been drawn to the anonymous that called me gullible and desperate pls don't join me with your issues with miss world abeg. I hate insults please keep me out of this mess, what I sent to miss world was for her and nOt for you,and also to that bv that called me beggy beggy, pls ya all should mind your bussiness and stop acting like you have it all meanwhile you are just a church rat and here for the giveaway . I have not insulted anyone on this blog before and I will not be insulted. I hate quarrels and if this continue I will just leave the blog for ya all

  3. Heeeee. See what this man turned this pretty girl to just because of money.

  4. D gbeshing she gave u no do you yet name her head u Want. Rot in jail. Idotic

  5. What is this?the girlis now a shadow of herself,we all need to be careful of the kind of people we relate with.

  6. Miss world I am sorry to insult you but na sdk fm send me. She say you to they form.

  7. Oh My God!
    What is this?
    This is terrible!
    Jesu mi oooo
    This so called Boyfriend is the real Satan! Haaba! Kilode? Because of riches! He turned a fine lady into a scary thing. End Time Boyfriend! God will punish you, amen.

  8. @ Anonymous you said its was SDK FM that sent you to insult Miss world because she use to form. Please and please don't join their head together.


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