Fans say Wizkid looks lean as he steps out for Toolz and Tunde Demuren's wedding

 Wizkid and Skales used to be labelmates under Tunde Demuren and BankyW's EME music label but they recently had a big fight after Skales accused Wizkid of stealing his songs. Well, they were spotted together today at Tunde's wedding in Lagos today. Meanwhile,  fans are worried about how lean Wizkid is in this photo and why Skales didn't purchase the N50k aso-ebi.


  1. na aye dey do am, his second baby mama....Lmaoooooo so dem nor invite skales or he doesn't have money to buy agbada thats why he couldn't wear one

  2. I swear God... He looks so lean...
    Baby daddy

  3. He is looking so worn out,may be it's stress of his new baby mama taking a toll on him.

  4. Yes, he don lean o *jaw dropping* Hope all is well o Wizkiddddd. Learn how to use condom oooooo *side eye* so that baby mama number 3 will not come for you again on social network o. @why Skales didn't purchase the N50k aso-ebi. LOL, maybe Skales wanna use the money for something else you know or maybe the asoebi is not on his scale of preference. *side eye* Aso Ebi na core course? *yiimu*

  5. Why won't he be lean when he is busy littering his small pikin sperm the whole place rather than concentrating on his life n career. That's how we use our hands to choose failure. I hope he learns fast n upgrade himself.

    Okoduwa Deborah, how dey u? No one lectured u about me? One word for you, be careful because I won't repeat myself again. How did it sound to you that I sent some person to cussed out someone? Don't u have a brain to do your calculations? Next time you take on me, I will make u regret it. God help me.

    If I have something to say, I do that with my identity and if I must call out, I do so making sure my hands are clean & I do it whole heartedly & very blunt. Pls respect my person. I've got a lot to handle than coming to blog for some childish games

  6. I suspect Okoduwa Deborah is MissWorld faking self. You guys should stop this. SDKFM officially exempted his/herself from this when it all began.

    MissWorld, where our alert evidence? By the way, u just dey fall ur hand. Why u come de rush comment na? Accept am! life hard

  7. Please Kemi and blog readers forgive my sins!

    OGWrite was the Annon claiming SDKFM send him to call out MissWorld. He wanted SDKFM to sama MissWorld with another yansh opening.

    Abeg make I confess before I die for lie-lie.

    Miss world, u sef, body too dey pepper u

  8. So all of a sudden we see an ID with Okoduwa Deborah defending MissWorld and MissWorld responding in a manner that is so rare of her.

    Anon ur suspicion is right

  9. www.kemifilani.com/2016/01/the-accountant-who-fell-in-love-with.html?m=1

  10. Kemi well done for all the updates. However, no Sunday news, gist, amebo etc.

  11. Sdk fm stop being so childish madam married woman I have been on this blog since I can't even remember. I have been commenting with Debbie and I just got my ID. Does here looks like sdk blog na 5k Carry you come here. Rachedness wan finish you that is why you are calling out miss World. You can email me let's trash it out my email is Okoduwadeby90@gmail.com.i don't know miss world and she can't be me. The way you type you can't just change your typing style at all. Am here for you. Madam miss world I am not supporting you am just here to teach this Annonymous a lesson.

  12. The Annonymous can not be Bolty, it can't be pretty diamond neither is it francisca Samuel. It can not be honey pointer neither is it Ogwrite or is it miss world that is calling her self out?? . It is you that need the money so badly that's why you are going under Annonymous to call out miss world. Before you came here this blog was cool as heaven but since you stepped in here everything changed.

  13. Kemi... world war 3 is happening on ur blog u are there sipping zobo


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