Now we know how female suicide bombers operate...

The Federal Government has revealed the modus operandi of Islamic terrorist sect, Boko Haram vis a vis the operation of female suicide bombers.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said on Tuesday, that most of the female suicide bombers being used by Boko Haram aren’t aware that they are carrying bombs on them.
During a courtesy visit to the corporate headquarters of Punch Nigeria Limited in Magboro, Ogun State, Mohammed explained that the female bombers were usually monitored from a vantage point, after being given the bombs as a parcel to deliver in a crowded place.
“Suicide bombers usually walk in threes. There is the man who leads. The leader will ensure that the small girl who is strapped with the bomb knows the road. The small girl never knows what she is carrying.
“She is simply told to go and deliver a parcel at a market. That leader would have taken her to the market days before to show her the direction of the market. On the day she is to deliver the package, the man will lead and by then she is strapped.
“Then there is another person that tails her from behind who will make sure that she doesn’t change her mind or turns in another direction. These bombs are detonated remotely. This is how cowardly these people are. These girls are not indoctrinated. Most of them don’t know what they are carrying. Some of them do it for as little as N5, 000 which is given to their parents.”


  1. They are cowards.. Attacking soft targets when there game is up.. May their generations never knw peace even in death

  2. Boko haram and their problems... God please save Nigeria and save us


  3. The long and short of the story is that : God should keep protecting us

  4. At least people will now be at alert and can identify one.

  5. God will keep on exposing them
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  6. God is exposing them in a way. Thank u jesus

  7. D parent tht collected N5000,thn seeing his child being sent on an errand by d giver, killed then keeps quiet? They are d ones encouraging d evil

  8. This is terrible! Lord, have mercy!

  9. This is very bad. May God save us in this country.


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