Usman Dantata and wifey, Rukaiya go on vacation (photos)

Happy couple - Usman Dantata and Rukaiya Indimi are presently on vacation - in LA.
http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/bb07b732a8f711e3ab6912a6691d2c8b_8.jpg http://distilleryimage9.ak.instagram.com/c0c2dd5ab44611e3afd412824b243569_8.jpg
So far, the lovebirds have visited the TMZ Hollywood tour,  Rodeo drive, The Griddle Cafe, Maxfield and Chi Lin - China's ancient restaurant all in Los Angeles. See photos from their trip below:


  1. Am I the only one that sees that this girl is the split image of psquare's Anita Isama? Pretty is the word.

  2. ow much d indimi's dem dey pay you?

  3. enjoyment galore and too much money

  4. FashiontimeTable Magazine26 March 2014 at 09:42

    Yea she does look like Anita and the husby looks like Banky smh. I love watching this couples on this blog makes me appreciate the beauty of marriage when you have money of course.hahahahah

  5. Beautiful photos but why isn't she all covered up? With d habaya and burka and stuffs? She is in stripped jeans and no covering? Well,I guess some of these religious rules only applly to d have-nots. And dressings like this by non-muslims have started killings in some parts of Nigeria. Abeg jor #wears my high heel n off to work#

  6. Anon 10:01 covering in Islam does not apply to only the have nots or the poor. The fact that Rukaiya has decided to go against the techings of her religion should not make you pass judgement on what you don't know. After all, we all know why God destroyed sodom and gomorrah in the bible but that has not stopped gay churches from springing up so why don't you attend one? If rukaiya decides not to live according to the tenets of her religion, it is entirely her business. With all of dangote's wealth how many times have you seen his daugthers dressing like oyibo and trying to live oyibo life style by fire by force? Abeg dey get your facts right before you open your mouth to yarn.

  7. beautiful couple

  8. Where d baby bump kon enter nau Mr n Mrs vacation?

  9. I just love this couple, they can never go wrong. May God continue to bless their union

  10. Its either these people are truly paying you as someone mentioned above, or you are actually stalking this family and putting up their personal social media pictures, which is very inappropriate. I don't think you would enjoy anyone copying pictures of you and your spouse off Instagram to share without your permission. These are not celebrities Madam Filani, allow this young couple enjoy their lives. Peace and love.

  11. I thought muslim dont eat bacon; so they do eat pork meat.

  12. Anon 20:45, muslims don't eat pork but of course who have people who choose not to live according to the teachings of their religion.

  13. Last year we go to Florida and i've been in Tampa also. We've rent a Ford Mustand and go to Key west. It was one of the best vacations i had. I recommend it also bus from new york to atlanta must visit this site also..


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