Things Single Girls Say Before Reality Hits Them (Funny Video)

This video got me and my sister laughing just had to share it here too.
Before Reality Sets In - March 2014 - BellaNaija

Olsnetwork is known for his funny skits on Youtube and this time, his focus is on the many things single ladies say before reality hits them.You can watch the video HERE or below:


  1. You reported it well!

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  2. Tears from my eyelids, damn

  3. Kemi this is freaking hilarious. How can i download it please?

  4. Ladies pls stop snubbing guys or using them to do yanga, make hay while the sun is still shinning esp before you clock 30 #nuffsaid

    1. True but pls thr r some guys that really need to be snubbed. Im 21 and i dont intend settling for just any guy.

  5. lmao!!! The shit happens for real. Ask those celebs..

  6. haaaaaaaa, dis guy can kill...ds z funnnny. our own Nigeria Madea. ha ha ha ha ha ah aha. MADEA

  7. Nice. Funny as hell.

  8. Funny as hell ke, is hell funny ni?

  9. Personally girls have told me I'm too nice and too gentle so they cant date someone like me. loool. Oju yin ashi when he begin to beat you. OAA


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