Lonely Pres.Jonathan during a photo session with other world leaders

Guys, what's wrong with the photo above?!
The Presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati shared this photo of President Jonathan & other world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit, The Hague, the Netherlands on Tuesday, however, followers called his attention to how lonely and lost he looked amongst other world leaders..
See another photo below:


  1. Inferiority complex nah, he is the only black man and the only one putting on native in the photo

    1. Lol, he is not the only one standing alone. I see other presidents standing alone too

    2. yap!! there is stand alone and there is standing alone,it is only GEJ that reflect the two.I am very sure is thought at that moment will be "I wish say Reuben dey beside me to enhance my efizzy.

    3. The problem with Nigerians is that they always condemn their own. Taking a close look at the pix, one can clearly see that our president is not the only one standing alone. More than 8 pple at the extreme top corner are all standing alone. For those of you that want him to wear suit, you are the sole reason why the whites always try to force their culture on us. He is an african president so there is nothing wrong in the attire he is puting. Wearing suit to the conference does not solve Nigeria's problems, besides neither OBJ nor YAR ADUA, wore suit to any world conference so what's the huss? Is it because it is GEJ? You all like chasing shadows.

  2. Don't blame the innocent president biko.

  3. That dude in that tweet saying this photo is a photoshop is an idiat

  4. @1146 double gbam. That man is almost useless without Reuben Abati. That's his right hand.

  5. Clueless as usual...

  6. He's obviously missing Dame...ewu gambia

  7. Hehehehehehe!!! He's so on attention that for a second I thought he's a military man

  8. @tinytweettong tweet rotlmao

  9. until u guys stop looking for only fault in our leaders i wonder how d country wud grow, hez he d only one standing alone, or in local attire, many of u guys criticizing him, what gud av u done to make nigeria go forward, u guys wud keep on waitin on government to do evrytin for u, den u start complainin if dey dont

  10. I have nwver seen Jona in suits. Is he that he doesnt have any or he is just so naive

  11. Guys as u all can see he is not the only one putting on native or standing alone must you follow the white man culture shippishly now let's come down to our level what have u done to your neighbourhood to improve the nation....until we start taking up our country's responsibility then it can never be a better place for us!!!


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