#KFB Foodie Talk! How to make Nigerian spring rolls

Two weeks ago, we introduced the #KFB Foodie Talk column for Ladies!
This column is handled by Chief cook, Dobby of http://www.dobbyssignature.com - she's a culinary enthusiast with a flair for Local Cuisines in Nigeria and around the globe.
Today's foodie talk is "How to make Nigerian spring rolls" :).
Spring roll is a light, Simple yet elegant snack which could be placed in the Nigerian Small chops Category. For the filling, you could use just about anything such as vegetables, chicken, beef, noodles e.t.c. If you are making vegetable spring rolls, you could lightly steam the vegetables to be filled into the pastry.

For me, I prefer slicing my vegetables very thinly and filling it into the spring roll pastry before frying. This is because I like my vegetables fresh and not soggy as is the case with most pre-packed springrolls. Here's a step by step guide on how to make spring rolls at home with Homemade spring roll wrap.

Homemade spring roll recipe
Prep time:  
40 mins
Cook time: 20 mins
Makes:        25 spring rolls

• 1 Small Carrot
• ¼ Small Cabbage
• ¼ Small bunch Spring onions 
• 5 Green runner beans 
• Vegetable oil for deep frying

Step 1: Scrape the back of the carrot, rinse and grate thinly. Wash the cabbage and dice thinly. Wash the spring onions and dice thinly. Wash the green runner beans and dice thinly - Set aside.

Step 2: To assemble, take one spring roll pastry (you could also use the pastry like that without cutting it into squares), place a very small amount of each vegetable on it. Placing a small amount of vegetable helps prevent the spring roll wrap from breaking. -

Step 3: Roll it up gently making sure it's firm and not loose. This is to prevent it from loosening in the hot oil.

Step 4: Once you get to the end of the spring roll pastry, seal up the contents permanently by rubbing a mixture of flour and water liquid at the edge. you could also dip your hand in water and rub at the edge for the same purpose.

Step 5: Deep fry the Spring rolls in Pre-heated oil till golden brown.

Step 6: Drain on a wire sieve or paper towel....Serve!

Join us next week as we discuss how to make Samosa ;)
How to make Nigerian spring rolls
How to make Nigerian spring rolls


  1. Thanks for this kemi, im always looking out for this colum

  2. Nice photos, what camera does Dobby use?

  3. Yummy, i attend weddings so I can eat this stuff. Kemi wa sere for sharing this, would try it out

  4. Thanks kemi 4 dis, God bls u

  5. Carrots? Ddnt know carrot is used in spring rolls.

  6. kemi,thumps up 4u!pls hw do i get d spring roll pastry to buy or to make it?tanx ya

  7. kemi,thumps up!pls hw do i get the spring roll pastry to buy or hw do i make it?tanx ya

    1. http://www.dobbyssignature.com/2014/01/make-springroll-and-samosa-pastry.html

  8. nice one...buh kemi seriously making the pastry z a long process. ild try mine using nornal kneaded pastry. MADEA

  9. Exactly dat spring roll pastry process is a bit hard n complex

  10. Love this piece really nice but any link on how I can get the spring roll pastry

    1. http://www.dobbyssignature.com/2014/01/make-springroll-and-samosa-pastry.html

  11. Can u discuss how to make bread fruits pls


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