OJB Jezreel actually travelled to India with his three wives (photo)

Yup, they are one big happy family!
Some days ago, the music producer OJB Jezreel who recently had a successful kidney surgery in India, shared this lovely photo of his three Okungbowa wives June aka Ama, Mabel aka Mama J and Korede aka Kokomi.
He revealed that the picture was taken in August 2013, at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, the day he departed for India...they all traveled to India together!
Meanwhile, OJB  has revealed that he is currently writing his first book ‘The Celebrated Beggar’.
The book will not only chronicle the challenges he encountered while begging for money from Nigerians via the #SaveOJB campaign, but will also narrate his adult life experiences.
OJB says the book will ‘‘capture his experience as a producer, musician up to the travails of his kidney ailment’.
He added that the greatest help anyone can render to him now is to give him jobs.
‘Now that the surgery has been successful, the next mission is trying to maintain the kidney so that it doesn’t relapse. The doctors prescribed that I chill and relax for six months, but I can’t afford to do that when I have a family to take care of. I have to get back to work.
‘I think the help anyone can render me at this time is to give me jobs to do. I don’t want to just sit down and be idle. This production thing has always been my passion and so I need to get back to it."


  1. His first wife is BLACK

  2. Nobody will buy the book abeg, hian

  3. We paid to have him take his three harem to India abi? Yoruba women and shamelessness...... See young women shagging one man. Tufiakwa!

    1. na wa o after d begging na to carry his whole family is that not selfish and stupid hmmmm

    2. Yu are both very silly for your comments. Did you contribute a dime for him wen he was leaving? Isi ewus

  4. Beautiful women, i'm glad they are all together.

  5. diz man shud keep quiet abeg...

  6. can you imagine, he didnt think of saving the remains from the monie, so he stupidly carried three wives to India knowing very well that money he got from others were supposed to help and support him after as long as he lives. dis man is shameless gosssssh.... now he is reminding people he has to be on meds for life which is expensive so they shd give him jobs hmmmmmmmm ok o no wonder d'banj didnt bother to help.
    Dis other women too didnt bother to stay back kaiii very shameless

  7. Celebrated beggar, celebrated singer ni. Everyone wan turn authour.

  8. Its none of u guys business, who will tk care of him nd encourage him in india besides u guys never contributed. U people are just been jealous of his wives


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