TB Joshua delivers Nollywood actress, Nneoma Ukpabi, from overdue pregnancy

Nollywood actors and actresses are really getting it the way they want it with TB joshua’s ministry as apart from now he has delivered the likes of the late Enebeli Elebuwa , Camilla Mgberekpe, Jim Iyke etc; and now its actress Nneoma Ukpabi.

Mrs Nneoma Ukpabi is a Nollywood actress who had the problem of an overdue pregnancy (10 months).  She had previously undergone two Caesarians for her other children. She was again booked for an operation for the third time because her placenta could not support the baby.

 The doctor stated that she could not undergo normal labour because it could become life threatening. A lady encouraged her to pray and believe in God and brought out the Anointing Water stating that it was from the SCOAN.
The lady ministered it to her in the name of Jesus Christ and 15 minutes later the first stage of labour took place as blood and water gushed out. She was taken to the hospital where she later delivered the baby safely without operation.
The doctor was surprised that she delivered the baby safely without the operation she was booked for.
She is now happy with her two months old baby girl, what a miracle!
Culled from Nigeriafilms


  1. My mum has received healing from this man before that's why I find it difficult to talk against him. This happened when the man just started his ministry. I don't think I was born then. She said she woke up one morning and she became paralysed. She said she couldn't move her back nor her legs. She was in pains so her younger sister who was attending the church then carried mumsy. My mum said my sister was able to bring joshua out of the church and he just placed his hand on my mums head. She said after some minutes she walked into the church on her own. Till today she hasn't experienced such again. We don't attend the church but my mum keeps saying whatever he did, healed her.

  2. This church has practically been turned into something else. Must dis healing of all dis star actress and actors be done in the full glare of the public, becos if it were to be politicians they would not have come to the podium to be delivered. This people are well known and the best way to help them is by having personal prayers and healing wit them, honestly I see this as a popularity stunt for the church, am sure if were to be Chime's wife it will not be done in public like dis.

  3. guyz dat doubt this man should hav a rethink. He's definitely not acting these things out. That settled. The question is and should be 'of what power is he doing these things?'

  4. Do not be decieved,i don't believe in all these annointed water,nowadays people are pursuing miracles like mad even whether it is from God or devil so far it is working.I don't think he is from God because by their fruith you shall know them

  5. Wats d meaning dt of 'placenta cudnt support baby', it doesn't make any sense in d medical world and I doubt a medical practitioner wud eva say dt.
    the clearest, most obvious indication for caeserian section in ds woman is d fact dt she had undergone two previous CS, an absolute indication for CS in subsequent pregnancies. d woman wud neva be apprehensive to undergo CS again coz she wud av been told dt all her deliveries henceforth wud be by CS, considering d economic status of d woman and d fact dt she wudnt book in a struggling. health centre(if at all d story is true).
    She didn't deem it fit to run to TB Joshua during her first and second pregnancies wch she delivered by operation and now racing down to synagogue coz of d third wch unlike d previous deliveries, its absolute CS, in fact no bargaining wch of course she wud be aware of.
    this story is smelling foul play and am sure even Christian medical doctors in ds forum will attest to ds.
    besides, stories like ds slowpoke d forwardness of d health sector as some women will believe ds rooster and bull story and a woman wt previous 5 CS may even be clamouring for womanly delivery. I see maternal morbidity and mortality on d increase.
    Left to me, ds story is false and in fact I now doubt d authenticity of all d so called miracles emanating from ds man, TB...

    1. ...and after all these grammatical nonsense. One would expect you to read the "overdue" part of the story.

    2. @ Sly...chop knuckle jare.

  6. As far as I am concerned, TB Joshua is a great mentor, Father of nations,helper of needyz, souls winner, and many more he'z like Jesus of our tym.

    1. You gave all these praise to your man of god and didn't say any to God himself who did the miracle.
      What a belief!
      God have mercy on us all!


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