KFB Movie: Oc Ukeje totally blew off my mind in Charles Novia's 'Alan Poza' movie

"There are two ways to get a 21st century girl under your sheets in no time, drive an expensive car and spend some money..." Alan Poza
While growing up, Charles Novia's movies were my favourites - the likes of "The Bridesmaid", "A christmas passion"  "Caught in the middle" etc, most of them revolved around love, betrayal and comedy - the movies play out so well that the viewer just wants to love!
 So I expected nothing less when I heard that my favourite director/producer had return with a new flick "Alan Poza" - a hilarious romantic youth comedy which dwells on the sexcapades of ALAN POZA, a young music label executive who searches for some emotional stability in a sector full of temptations and test of wills!
Movie cast comprises of OC Ukeje, Nobert Young, Berverly Naya, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Okay Uzoeshi, Belinda Effah, Sylvya Oluchy.
First of all, I must commend Charles Novia for the story line and the casting, the characters interpreted their roles well, especially Beverly and OC...thumbs up!
The movie starts with a young man, Alan Poza, in bed with a pretty lady, and there she tells him he is hot and amazing in bed. She asks for his name and he tells her. 
From there, the viewer is taken round the world of handsome, sweet-mouthed and rich Alan Poza who loves sex to a fault - a sex addict kinda.
He goes through any length to "shag" any lady and he's never failed, as a matter of fact he successfully went to bed with all the beautiful ladies in his office except for his secretary - Kemi Lala Akindoju cos she is not as sophisticated as the others!
He has a partner in crime, Okay Uzoeshi and of course his boss, Nobert young!
Soon Beverly Naya is employed as a new manager in the company and Alan Poza has to work directly under her...of course he tries hard to get her to fall for him....and he kinda succeeds but in the process he loses himself, develops feelings for her until his secretary shows up in his home one evening and does the Micheal Jackson "thriller dance" with him. He realizes all along that she's actually a sweet person and falls in love with her instead - movie climax!
The movie got all the viewers in the cinema hall laughing out loud, as a matter of fact, there was a woman seated two rows away from me, she laughed so hard that tears started pouring out from her eyes.
My favorite scenes:
1. Where Alan Poza had to daddy sit Beverly Naya's dad ....that scene was ridiculously funny
2. The sex therapy class - Alan Poza had to attend one so as to please Beverly and prove to her that he was ready to be serious with her.
3. The pharmacy shop where Charles Novia (who played a fake man of God) - was caught in the act.
4. Where Alan Poza and his secretary had the Micheal Jackson's thriller dance
1. I particularly believe that Sylvya Oluchy's role in the movie was unncessary especially the scene where she busted into the board room to ridicule Okay Uzoeshi - that was so not necessary!
2.  The reverend sisters at the pharmacy - those characters weren't needed too!
Even though the hilarious movie had no moral lesson, the directing of Alan Poza was good, the lighting was well done; the sound design was perfect!
Oh by the way, I totally disagree with the submission “Buying a recharge card of as low as N200 can get (a Nigerian girl) all over you in an instant“ it is so not true!
You can watch trailer HERE


  1. I love this review, is it still at the cinemas?

    1. Me too. Thanks Kemi

  2. Charles Novia never disappoints

  3. yawns, nothing good can come out of Nollywood. I can't even imagine myself sitting down and watching Charles Novia act, i will sleep off

    1. I can't imagine u making sense either...... Criticism makes u look foolish buddy!!!!!! Are u?

  4. Review is so on point. Kemi pls watch confusion na wa n tell us what you think b4 I waste my money on goin to see it.

  5. Yeah sylva oluchy's role was unimportant but that of d catholic sisters was needed though. Rate d movie 7 ova 10.


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